Guide for Authors




Manuscripts are accepted in WORD 2007, size A4 (margin should be set at Top= 4, Bottom=5/6, left= 4 and right =5 cm), font Times New Roman Persian text B12 and English fonts 11 with spacing 1 cm between the lines, only to be sent through the website:


The articles should include the following sections:

  1. Cover page

Include full article title, author or authors (name of corresponding author with an asterisk to be determined), academic rank and the name of the institution or university or place of employment, full address of corresponding author as: mailing address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail. In addition, do not use the title and only academic rank and workplace should be included.

  1. First page

The exact title of the article and abstract include the purpose of the study, methodology, discussion and conclusions (maximum of 200 words) and keywords (maximum of 5 words). Abstract must have JEL classification. Topic- based classification of Keywords is a code as number and English letters, which is known as the International Code of Keywords. It is available on the website (You can also search Google).

  1. Second page: The second page includes highlighted headlines as below.


  1. Introduction (includes general points of topic, significance of study and necessity of the research, research purposes, and the difference between this study with literature review, increasing knowledge of paper and introducing the paper structure).
  2. Theoretical Background and Literature Review:

Including theories and theories related to the research hypotheses, Iranian and foreign Literature review related to the research hypotheses and research topic).

  1. Research Questions and Research Hypotheses:

Including one or more hypotheses or research questions numerically.


  1. Research Methodology

Including participants, calculating sample size, study variables, the models and statistical procedures, databases, standardized software, time of study, data collection procedures.

  1. Data Analysis

Including descriptive data tables, validity and reliability of the questionnaire, homogeneity test, diagnostic testing, regression, parametric and non-parametric test, tables of related software to each of the hypotheses, accepting or rejecting the hypothesis, analysis and interpretation of the results for each of the hypotheses, test statistics and analysis of variable coefficients.


  1. Results and Discussion

 Including the results of any of the hypotheses, the correlation of research results with literature review, the introduction of practical suggestions and strategies and related results.


Persian references in the text should be placed in parentheses including (last name, year, and page number). English references should be inserted in the text in Persian and its English equivalent should be written in footnote. Details about the terms and English equivalents should also be included in footnote. English terms should not be provided in the test, except in the case of formulas and equations.


It is essential that citations are made both within the text of the article and in the references section in APA format.

Persian references and then English references should be provided alphabetically as follows:

A) Book: Last name, first name. (Publisher). Book with italics, translator, place of publication, publisher name.

B) Article: last name, first name. (Publication year). "Title of the Article within quotation marks." The name of the journal italics, issue number, volume number, place of publication, page number.


Title of the tables should be written at the top and title of the charts should appear below. Number from 1 (number) so used.


  • The submitted paper should not be published elsewhere in Persian language Iranian and non-Iranian journals and has not been submitted elsewhere at the same time. 
  • Journal articles that do not follow the form and structure in the instructions for author section will not be considered for further process.
  • Journal is eligible to edit the papers without changing its content and submitted papers will not be returned.
  • The corresponding author or authors are responsible for the accuracy of the submitted paper.
  • Word files should be named in English. It must include the first author's last name and date of submission.
  • Submitted papers will be published after the approval of the referees and editorial board.

 7. Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments from individuals and legal entities who have assisted in guiding or writing the article or have played an effective role in providing funding and facilities (maximum in four lines).

  Sponsor: Specify whether the article has a sponsor or not?

Contribution of authors: Announce that all authors participated in the preparation of the article or not?

Conflict of interest: Specify that according to the authors in this article there is no conflict of interest.

Copyright obligation: Note that the copyright is respected in accordance with the authors' commitment.