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As a scientific-research quarterly, Journal of Financial Management Strategy is aimed to promote financial literacy in the country, identify financial management issues of Iranian organizations and offer suggestions.


  • Journal of Financial Management Strategy publishes high quality basic, scientific research and development in the fields of financial management.
  • Acceptance of submitted papers is subject to the approval of referees and editorial board to make the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication.
  • The journal is owned by Faculty  of Social Sciences and Economics, Alzahra University and enjoys positions such as managing director, chief editor, internal manager and executive manager.
  • The Quarterly Journal of Financial Management Strategy will be published in September 2013 with the licensee of Al-Zahra University.
    The journal has concluded a memorandum of cooperation with the Islamic Scientific and Financial Association of Iran.
    Free access and the possibility of free download of the text of the articles in Pdf format on the publication site.
    The mission of the Journal of Financial Knowledge Development in the country is to identify the financial management issues of Iranian organizations and provide a solution for it.
    Submitting an article is by registering on the journal site and based on the authors' guide.
    This quarterly is published according to the letter No. 102401/18/3 dated 05/18/1695 of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology from the summer issue of 2016 with a scientific-research degree.
    The average time for judging an article is 6 months.
    The ratio of accepted articles to the total number of received articles is 14%.
     Plagiarism is tracked through search engines that find plagiarism.
     Copyright is pursued through Cc-By-NC-ND.
     For green management, the publication is not printed on paper.
  • The articles only have to be submitted electronically through the following website: http://jfm.alzahra.ac.ir
  • All of the Professors and researchers are required to sign up and format their manuscripts according to instruction for authors.
  • It is not required to visit in person or by phone; and all communications with authors and reviewers will be answered through the system.
  • Based on the letter No. 102401/18/3  dated  1395/05/18from Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology, Journal of Financial Management Strategy has been published as a scientific-research quarterly since summer 2016.


After a paper is submitted to the journal; the originality of the manuscript will be examined by the internal department and decides whether or not to send it for journal’s referees. Finally, after receiving reports by two or three referees, the journal’s editorial board makes the final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication base on the given score. The accepted papers will be in the waiting list to be published in the upcoming issues.