Aims and Scope


  1. To produce, distribute and present findings and results of scientific research in the field of financial management based on the identification of strategies, approaches, models, methods, experience and innovation theoretically, practically and strategically throughout the country.


  1. To promote international research in the field of capital market and raise motivation and the interaction between researchers in the country.


  1. To publish the results of scientific research of scientific and research centers and faculty members in accordance with strengthening the efficiency of capital markets, analysis of financial management issues and the publication of papers of university lecturers and postgraduate students of Al-Zahra University and other academic centers in the field of finance and securities especially the introduction of strategies and techniques for financial management of the companies. 


  1. Innovative financing strategies 
  2. New financial instruments and Islamic securities
  3. Financial institutions in primary and secondary market
  4. Analysis of the country's capital market and analysis of finance of the companies
  5. Financial rights and regulations
  6. The introduction of new techniques in financial management strategies
  7. Financial planning and budgeting of the companies
  8. Policies and strategies of profit sharing
  9. Financial reporting and its new strategies

10. Policy making and financial decisions and strategies for capital structure

11. Bankruptcy and dissolution of  companies

12. Strategies of Takeover and merging companies

 This journal provides open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public and supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.